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The new 2013 Mondani book is titled "Steel Rolex" and being from Mondani guarantees that it is TOTALLY innovative!

First of all, Rolex watches won't be presented by reference number but by material and furthermore, for the first time, stainless steel Rolex's will be analysed in fine detail looking at all their main characteristics.


We have decided to look at Rolex from a new point of view, examining in depth all typologies and providing a new vision to help the collector and investor in stainless steel Rolex watches.


Stainless steel watches represent the most relevant items in todays market of modern and vintage Rolexes; some of these pieces have achieved impressive auction prices and the interest in these Rolex's is continuously increasing.

The authors of "Steel Rolex" are Giorgia and Guido Mondani.


Giorgia Mondani travelled all around the world to find rare and specific Rolex watches. Her meetings with very important private collectors enabled her to document and photograph more than 200 Rolexes that have never before been published.


Once she completed her research Giorgia Mondani then collaborated with her father Guido (a lifetime Rolex collector and publisher) in the realisation of this beautiful book. Together, they created an innovative structure which allows the reader to analyse the fundamentals of these watches and the varied themes of todays Rolex market.


This book will be a foundation in helping to understand the characteristics a Rolex must have, in order for it to be a safe investment.



Here are the main chapters of the latest edition "STEEL ROLEX":
- Rolex Masters:
the most complicated Rolex watches


- Military Rolex:
Rolex watches that were part of the equipment of different army soldiers. 
This chapter will show not only military Submariners but also military Cosmographs, GMT-Master and Turn-O-Graphs.


- Personalised dials:
those Rolex with dials characterized by different logos, such as logos of companies, countries, ministers, Rolex retailers and much more.


- Underline:
a graphic element which gives importance and value to the watch.


- Changing colour dials:
those Rolex with a turning colour (e.g. tropic) dial. The most relevant colors are brown, light green and cream.


- Comex:
all Rolexes produced for Comex. Not only Submariner and Sea-Dweller but also Explorer and GMT-Master.


- Customized Rolexes by Bamford

- Stainless steel Rolexes with California Dials and other rare dials.


- Panerai Rolex
These watches achieved incredible prices. 
This chapter will show every single model, such as the Radiomir 3646, the Panerai Luminor with transparent bezel, one of a kind watches and prototypes, instruments and tools for diving.


- Rolex Submariner with Explorer dials

- Rolex Deepsea Challenge
The Rolex that accompanied James Cameron for 10,898 metres (35,756 feet), to reach the Challenger Deep, the ocean’s deepest point.


Furthermore, "Steel Rolex" will also show and describe all stainless steel Rolex currently in production.


The updated price/value of every single watch is provided thanks to the collaboration with some of the word's most important and knowledgable dealers and collectors.


"Steel Rolex" represents a new concept, in terms of content and images. This book is the "Holy Grail" in print for Rolex collectors!


Limited edition of only 599 examples.


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