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Our Story:

MisterChrono is a French company that was founded in Paris in 2009 by three watch enthusiast friends. 

The brand concept is to market bespoke and high-end quality products related to luxury watches and watchmaking to a wide and diverse range of people. We focus mainly on goods and products manufactured by small and medium sized companies. Our “leitmotiv” and belief is “Offering beautiful and special things for everyone!”. That’s why we work closely with manufacturers and workshops from around the world in order to present very specific and unique products.

In Paris, MisterChrono is one of the leaders in supplying handcrafted tailor-made watch straps, and ready to wear straps. Camille Fournet in Paris provides our clients with the finest bespoke straps, Gunny Straps is an Indonesian craftsman who supplies both bespoke and ready to wear straps, and Hirsch AG of Austria supplies a vast range of ready to wear straps. 

MisterChrono works with the very finest companies and craftsmen e.g. Swiss Kubik and Underwoods Of London. Both are companies specialising in watch winders and watch cases, most of which are entirely handmade. 

MisterChrono is well known in the French market for its luxury watch boxes and cases from Italy, England and France. Products can be off the shelf or bespoke made and all are designed to be beautiful yet strong, functional and long lasting. Giobagnara are an example of a company that create luxury boxes for watches and jewellery that can be customised with your favourite leathers and interior linings. They are handmade in Genoa to the highest quality using traditional Italian craftsmanship. We also promote and sell Jurali, a leading Hong Kong brand of watch boxes and cigar humidors, that are extremely popular among Asian connoisseurs, many of their products are finely hand painted and lacquered. 

MisterChrono has also developed its own brand, KronoKeeper, to provide more economical entry level products for the watch collector. Our products, mainly watch-boxes and travel cases, are designed by us and manufactured in Hong Kong and China.

Basically our goal is to promote fine and beautiful handmade products and to help small artisan companies in providing them with a prestigious retail outlet. Our expertise has allowed us to have boutiques in Europe and Asia. Our flagship Paris boutique is close to the Place Vendôme, the heart of luxury goods, and we have another boutique in the Asian watch capital, Hong Kong’s Central district, and more recently we are established in Singapore’s Mandarin Gallery with all its fine watchmaking.

Last, but not least, MisterChrono has always been promoting fine art in its stores. Every year, MisterChrono Vendôme exhibits paintings by artists from all over the world. In 2015, our clients and friends could admire works displayed in our stores by internationally recognised artist Xavier Magaldi and his series “Hyper realistic vision of time”.


Our stores :

Vendôme :

23 Rue Danielle Casanova,

75001 Paris


+33 9 53 42 04 64

Opening hours :

Monday : 12 noon to 7:30 pm 

Tuesday to Saturday : 10:30 am to 7:30 pm

Hong Kong : 

19 Lyndhurst Terrace

Central, Hong Kong

+852 2791 6808

Opening hours : 12 noon to 9 pm daily

Singapore : 

Mandarin Gallery


333A Orchard Road 

238897 Singapore

+65 6235 1596

Opening hours : 12 noon to 9 pm daily


MisterChrono Team :


Founder and CEO 

Passionate about horology he created MisterChrono to allow the aficionado to plunge into the world of watchmaking. Manager and CEO of many companies recognised in the gaming industry, he offers his experience to make MisterChrono the reference store in the watch accessories world.



    Her experience in logistics allows MisterChrono to offer the best products in the market to its customers.

She will be happy to welcome you in our store in Singapore. 



    Manager and CEO of many companies recognised in the gaming world. 


Hong Kong and Singapore Partner

His experience in PR allows MisterChrono in HK and SG to have valuable exposure in the watch press/media. 


Watch Consultant


Purchase Manager

She takes care of sourcing and developing all the Misterchrono novelties.


Sales Director

He will be happy to welcome you in our store

in Hong Kong.


Store Manager and designer

He will be happy to welcome you at our store

in Paris Vendôme.



She will be happy to welcome you in our store

in Paris Vendôme. 



She will be happy to welcome you in our store

in Paris Vendôme. 



She will be happy to welcome you in our store

in Singapore. 


Marketing Assistant 


Supply Chain Assistant